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About Us

With 20 years experience across our management team, Pearl Projects and Development offers and provides exceptional, personalised and professional services to its client. We place a premium on the relationships we form and grow with our clients and service partners.Our placing a premium on our interaction with clients and service partnershelps us build mutual trust across all parties, enabling our projects run smoothly and with minimal disruptions.

Given the combination of our architectural and project management expertise and experience, we deliver bespoke services that are tailored directly towards our clients' needs. To achieve this, we have directed our energies towards delivering residential and commercial developments and works, providing outstanding quality and standard.

We offer an end-to-end service to all our customers, facilitating and coordinating the consultant design process right up to delivering the turn key development and works.Our project managers work closely with the client, throughout the life of the project, from the initial consultation process up until the hand over after completion.

Our aim is to always provide value for money solutions. Furthermore, we take pride in the achieved standards of our workmanship and the insights provided as well as the guidance on offer via our customer communications. We insist that all our developments and projects are handled with the same level of importance as our clients ascribe to them that prompted a client desire the Pearl Projects touch.

Pearl Projects & Developments operates across London and most regions across Greater London.


Delivering on projects that exceeds all expectations and operating sites that remain incident free.


Delivering within budget and time, at a high level of quality and offering services at a fair and competitive price to our clients, ensures we remain competitive. We maintain a high level of professionalism, ensuring at all times integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationship with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and clients, remains our first priority.



We will consistently place a premium on established relationships and commit ourselves daily to our offered promise of integrity and professionalism in all we do. In addition, our commitment to every client includes providing a continued guarantee as well as effectively applying time management, quality management and cost management principles and strategies on all engagements. Most important, we take pride in our efforts to offer and provide equal opportunities across our organisation, as this forms an integral part of our value system.


We will always ensure quality construction services are delivered by: scheduling and undertaking regular site supervision visits; facilitating and coordinating regular and milestone meetings for each project; and, committing to effectively managing and coordinating interactions throughout the life of a project. We offer the assurance of working closely with each client, to eliminate fears most clients may have about the construction process or in most cases, fear of falling prey to unscrupulous builders. We possess the required skills, training and commitment to get a client’s project right, the first time round.


We are accredited members of the following bodies. Consequently, our work is continually vetted and regularly checked to be of a high standard.

Federation of Master Builders




Given health and safety is important aspect of the construction industry, consequently, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our employees as well as that of the public. We proactively adopt and apply this commitment to safety, to every other areawithin our company. This pro-active approach creates value for our clients and also, safeguards our employees, the client and all assets. Our team is dedicated to maintaining a safety-focused and environmentally sound business.

Our intended health and safety program is always outlined at the beginning of each project and on each project, we identify and make known our health and safety champion. We use pre-task planning sessions, regular safety inspections and meetings to achieve our set goal of zero incidents. Health and safety processes and strategies are implemented throughout the duration of the project and we ensure it is adhered to by all parties.